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Unpacking the BriteLyt 500CP/XL Pressure Lantern  MP4
Installing a new mantle into your BriteLyt 500CP/XL Pressure Lantern  MP4
Fueling the BriteLyt 500CP/XL  MP4
Getting ready to light the BriteLyt 500CP/XL Lantern (Pre-Light)  MP4
Lighting your BriteLyt 500CP/XL Lantern  MP4
What To Do If Your Lantern Flames Up  MP4
How to add pressure to your BriteLyt 500CP/XL Pressure Lantern  MP4
Shut down procedure for the BriteLyt 500CP/XL Pressure Lantern  MP4
BriteLyt 500CP/XL Pressure Lantern Tool Kit  MP4
Cleaning the Pre-Heater on the BriteLyt 500CP/XL Lantern  MP4
Replacing the needle on the BriteLyt/Petromax USA 500CP/XL  MP4
Pressure Lantern FAQ - When the vaporizer tube drops  MP4
Installing your HP-BHA Heating Adapter  MP4
Using your HP-BHA Heating Adapter  MP4

Engineered and designed to the highest standards, the 829/500CP lantern stands apart from the others. learn more
BriteLyt lanterns are durable and reliable enough to be used in the harshest conditions.
To suit your needs, we have multiple accessories such as stove adaptors, carrying cases and more! view accessories
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